Steeltime Jewelry Summer Special 2017

Jul 11 2017 Tags: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings

Steeltime Summer Sale

If you have not checked out our newest selection of products this summer then you are missing out on some very exciting deals. One of our hot items in the Steeltime Earrings collection is the 18K Gold Plated Emerald Cut Huggie Earring. A unique combination of gold laced with diamonds that are embedded into the design. The rose gold color is also available to purchase and goes great with pinkish color outfits.

Steeltime Ladies 18K Gold Plated Emerald Huggie Earrings

Another popular product that is one of the stores hottest sellers is the 18K Rose Gold Plated Eternity Diamond Bangle Bracelet. Rose gold is one of our popular color/metal-types and has been trending as of late. This bracelet design makes the perfect accessory for ladies looking for something that displays style and elegance. Gold is also available for those looking for a different choice.

 Steeltime Ladies 18K Rose Gold Plated Eternity Diamond Bangle Bracelet

A unique earring design you do not see a lot is the Steeltime 18K Rose Gold Plated Diamond Earring Jacket. These pair of earrings has a heart accent and overall have 4 diamond studs included into the overall design. When it comes to a unique pair of earrings, this earring jacket makes a great choice. When it comes down to preference, these pair of earrings will make your overall look more completed. Be sure to keep you hair out of the way, you want those earrings including your ears to show.

Steeltime Ladies 18K Rose Gold Plated Diamond Earring Jacket

Ladies have to admit that with the right outfit, a necklace can be a game changer. What’s better than having a uniquely styled 18K Gold Plated Omega Necklace. This 18” necklace is gold plated stainless steel and will make your outfit look flawless. Nothing speaks higher volumes than a gold necklace that is rich in quality and feels magnificent. Only the best should be put around your neck and that best would have to be a necklace from Steeltime Jewelry.

Steeltime Ladies 18K Gold Plated Omega Necklace

Accessories that are worn around the wrist and on hands have been done for thousands of years. To this day, that custom has not changed because it is very fashionable to wear bracelets and rings. There are bracelets and earrings for many different occasions. You can wear them for casual and everyday use or wear them during big events and parties. Your selection of jewelry should never be limited. You many interested to check out Steeltime’s Alloy Stretch Bracelet & Ring Set for ladies. This unique combination for jewelry will compliment any outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. The design is stretchable allowing you to easily slip it on your wrist.

Steeltime Ladies Alloy Stretch Bracelet & Ring Set

Steeltime offers a wide variety of fashionable jewelry products to choose from. Our selection continues to grow each and every month so be sure to check out what else we have to offer. This summer only up until September 1st, we are running a 50% Off sale of all of our jewelry. This is for first time customers, so make sure that you use the coupon code SUMMER50 during checkout to get instant savings! We also are providing free shipping for orders over $150.

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